About us

The Spell is an enchanting flower shop that is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality flowers and plants in an atmosphere that is as captivating as the blooms and foliage we offer. We specialize in fresh, seasonal flowers from local farms, as well as a variety of unique and unusual plants. Our custom arrangements are crafted to bring the beauty of nature into any setting. Whether you’re looking for a stunning bouquet for a special occasion, or a unique planter for a birthday gift, Spell is the perfect place to find what you desire.


Our vision for our flower shop is to create a welcoming, vibrant atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of flowers. Our goal is to curate unique, diverse, and fresh floral arrangements for everyone, ranging from simple and classic designs to whimsical and creative bouquets.


Our mission is to provide customers with beautiful, high-quality floral arrangements and gifts to brighten their day. We strive to provide excellent customer service, creative design, and fresh, unique products with a personal touch.


Everyday Floral Treasures

#1 Online Flower Delivery in Dubai

Flowers make every occasion special! Celebrate special occasions, achievements, and festivals with floral arrangements around. Send beautifully crafted bouquets to your dear ones on their special day. Make the day awesome with a lovely floral gift. The Spell has been the number one online flower delivery shop in Dubai, with a spellbinding collection of bouquets of flowers, natural scented candles, natural stones and crystals, dried floral arrangements, creative flower decorations, and whatnot.

Handcrafted by our professional florists, the floral arrangements, decorative pieces, and bouquets will add a heavenly charm to the space. Mesmerizing beauty flowing from every inch, the celebration will get elevated to the next level. Those browsing “flower delivery near me” should instead reach out to us if outstanding adornment is what you are looking for.

The Spell- Your Trusted Flower Shop, Dubai

Flower delivery to the location at the specified time has been one of our key features. Surprise your loved one with a custom-designed bouquet or any other fascinating gift from us. Not many flower delivery shops in Dubai can claim the legacy as we do. Having a team of dedicated professionals, we are able to meet the flower delivery, floral arrangement, and other specified orders from our customers.

Our florists are awaiting your order. Why wait then? Browse to find the best floral designs and splendid bouquets of flowers. Order them through a few simple steps. We assure you that flower delivery in Dubai in the stipulated timeframe.

The Spell serves you with special things for special occasions!

Our Flower Delivery & Flower Arrangement Services in Dubai

Avoid searching for flower shops near me and ordering bouquets from any shop that shows up on your search results. Your special ones need elegant gifts, like artfully designed bouquets from our professional team of florists. Simply order flower delivery or other services from The Spell and consider it done! Such a high level of credibility made us one of the best shops for online flower delivery in Dubai. Furthermore, we offer services like event decoration, floral arrangement, indoor and outdoor plants, naturally scented candles and resin art products.

Bouquet of Flowers: Nothing can beat the beauty of an enchantingly arranged bouquet of flowers. Imagine how happy the recipient would be when receiving the bouquet of fresh fragrant flowers. Choose from our brilliant collection of bouquets of flowers including Brilliant Bluebell, Vibrant Violets, Pansy Bouquet, Passion Flower Bouquet, Rosy Radiance, and Arctic Aurora. Order flower delivery in Dubai from us to make the moment extraordinary.

Floral Arrangements: Floral arrangements from our online flower delivery shop in Dubai compromise arrangements and centerpieces, dried flower arrangements and creative flower arrangements. You can pick from a vast collection of floral arrangements, which makes The Spell a really special flower delivery shop in Dubai. Arrangements and centerpieces include Green Dove, Luxurious in Its Way, Bachelor, and Set Flower Arrangement. On the other hand, dried flower arrangement has a list of exclusive designs from us like Blissful Buttercup, Yellow Bunny Tail, Dry Flower Bouquet, Brown Bunny Tail, Lavenderish, and Countryside Charm. The creative floral arrangement has Pebble Tree and Mystic Meadow that would enchant the onlooker.

Event Decoration: The Spell is a complete flower shop in Dubai with all the decorative requirements for celebrations and special events under one roof. This comprehensiveness makes us a notch above the other online flower delivery shops in Dubai. The event location would be decorated based on the client’s choice with the best design pattern, using fresh flowers.

Indoor and Outdoor Plants: Besides flower delivery, we offer indoor and outdoor plants. Check the list of plants available at our store and order both indoor and outdoor plants online. We will deliver the plants to your doorstep. There is no need to search for flower shops near me to order indoor and outdoor plants anymore!

Natural Scented Candles: Order natural scented candles like Cinnamon candles, Citrine candles, or a set of scented candles. A fragrant atmosphere would lift the celebrative spirit and positivity. As an online flower delivery shop in Dubai, we have always been ahead of the curve. By presenting our customers with special choices and decorative items that are unique and exclusive.

Natural Stones and Crystals: Looking for natural stones like Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Citrine? We have them for you. Just order the stone you want and we will deliver it to your location. Yes, we haven’t limited ourselves to flower delivery. Products like flowers, natural stones, and scented candles make us the right choice for you.

Resin Art Products: Enhance the appearance with resin art products. Check out the resin art products from us, the leading online flower delivery shop in Dubai.

We hope that you will stop searching for flower shops in Dubai next time, and reach straightway to The Spell, after seeing the collection of flower bouquets and other items on offer from us.

Key Features of Our Services

 You have arrived at the right place if you are looking for the top online flower delivery shop in Dubai. In addition to flower delivery, we provide floral arrangements, indoor and outdoor plants, natural scented candles, resin art products etc. The key features that make us a cut above the rest of the florists in Dubai are:

Same-Day Online Fresh Flower Delivery Across Dubai

Have you missed ordering flowers for your dear one? Do you want urgent flower delivery in Dubai? Order a wonderful flower bouquet from us right away. We provide same-day flower delivery across Dubai. Let it be any location around Dubai, our team will arrive with the flower gift from you and deliver it to the recipient responsibly.

Although flowers have a lifespan of a week to twelve days, we sell fresh flowers only. All the flowers used in floral designs and flower bouquets are procured freshly from reliable sources. We have specialists with knowledge of floral aspects. The team at The Spell makes it a point to serve the clients optimally. We procure the best quality flowers and convert them into artistically woven flower bouquets. Your love, affection, and appreciation would be visible on the lovely bouquet that you send. We have a collection of top-selling flower bouquets that are made of hand picked flower choices.

Welcome to the top online flower delivery shop, Dubai. Pick and place orders instantly.

Why Choose The Spell for online flower delivery in Dubai?

Every online flower delivery shop in Dubai will offer the best services. We, The Spell, have always been distinctive from them by delivering top-notch services, a customer-friendly approach, quality flower bouquets and other products, and reasonable pricing. The reasons that make us the best one in flower delivery, especially from those flower shops near you, are:

Looking for flower delivery in Dubai? Are you tired of searching for a trusted online flower delivery shop, Dubai? Do you want to give awesome floral bouquets to your loved ones?

Quickly dial us or order flowers online!


  1. How to place an order for online flower delivery in Dubai from The Spell?

Online flower delivery from The Spell is easy and quick. Easily create your Spell account using your name, email ID, and mobile number. Browse through the collection of lovely floral bouquets and other products. Add the product you want to the cart. Check out once you are done adding.

  1. What is the process for flower delivery in Dubai via The Spell?

Select the bouquet, fill in the recipient details, add a personalized message if you want, and add the delivery date and address of the recipient. That’s it. This is the process for online flower delivery in Dubai via The Spell.

  1. What is the lifespan of fresh flowers?

Flowers can stay fresh for more than a week normally. If taken care of properly, flowers would remain fresh for about 12 days. The lifespan of fresh flowers also depends on the type of flower.

  1. Do you do events and weddings?

Yes, we offer event decorations for weddings, birthdays, festivals, and other special occasions. Our flower delivery and floral decoration services are available across Dubai. Offering committed floral decoration services, we have become one of the best in Dubai.

  1. How will I know if my flowers were delivered?

You can be worry-free once you have ordered flower delivery from us. We ensure timely delivery of flowers and floral arrangements in the specified timeframe. You will receive intimation regarding flower delivery via email and message. You can contact us anytime throughout the period for all your queries.